Carpet Cleaning Hampstead

Professional Carpet Cleaning services in Hampstead

Carpets are among the most soiled pieces of furnishing within your home and office. They collect a vast amount of dirt, dust and debris and are home of numerous bacteria and dust mites who tend to trigger allergies and have an adverse impact on asthma sufferers. In order to maintain a safe, pleasant and hygienic home and office environment, it is not enough to just vacuum your carpeting every now and then. For professional cleaning results, it is best to trust a qualified cleaning company to maintain your carpets on a regular basis.

Carpet Cleaning Halstead

We have been in the cleaning business for more than a decade, and we have performed numerous carpet cleaning sessions for home and office buildings throughout Chelsea and the surroundings. Our years of experience and highly skilled cleaning teams have put us among the top cleaning companies within SW3. We execute our carpet cleaning session with professionalism and quality cleaning equipment. We know that a proper carpet cleaning requires knowledge and expertise, and different stains and spillages require different treatment methods. Fortunately, we have reliable and professional cleaning teams equipped with the latest cleaning materials to provide impeccable carpet cleaning for your private and commercial building. We will restore your carpets to their original condition leaving them stain- and odour-free and with prolonged lifespan. Our carpet cleaning operatives  endeavour to remove any dirt and grime from your carpeting. If it can be cleaned, it will be cleaned!

We clean any carpet fabric and of any size including carpeting within large buildings and offices. We follow a 4-step cleaning program to ensure spotless results and happy customers.

We thoroughly inspect your carpet to determine the nature of the stains and the type of fibres your carpet is made from, and we examine the highly soiled areas. We choose the suitable cleaning method and cleaning solution and give you an estimation of the expected cleaning results prior to the main cleaning process.

Next we spot treat your carpet spraying our unique cleaning solution to the highly soiled areas.

After that, we begin the main cleaning session. Our professional hot-steam-operated machine sprays high pressured hot water deep within the fibres of your carpet which dissolves the accumulated dirt, dust, oils and debris while simultaneously kills bacteria and harmful dust mites. The sprayed hot water is then sucked back from your carpet leaving the fabric spotless and refreshed. This washing process is efficient and with minimal usage of cleaning detergents. Drying time is quick and within a few hours your carpeting will be thoroughly dry.

Our final step is to groom the fibres so that your carpet has this pleasant and well-groomed appearance.

More extras:

  • We offer two extra services for the ultima carpet cleanliness.
  • Pre-spray. Special cleaning solution sprayed into your carpet to dissolve accumulated overtime oils, dirt and grime. This spray is applied to highly-soiled carpets and ones which have not been cleaned professionally before.
  • Scotchguard. After we have completed our 4-step cleaning session, we can apply protection spray on your carpet which works as a shield against dirt and water-based spillages and stains. It has a pleasant aroma and makes your carpet easier to be maintained clean with just a simple mop or vacuum.