People may often think of spring cleaning their home. However, busy lifestyle in London offers minimal time off work and responsibilities which makes it impossible to schedule and execute a proper deep cleaning of your home by yourself. Even when you are full of good intentions you never seem to have the free time to clean because of your busy timetable. Any spare time you have you would rather spend it doing enjoyable things such as spending quality time with the people close to you and is absolutely understandable. No one wants to spend their time scrubbing and cleaning their home.

Spring Cleaning HampsteadIf this sounds familiar to you, then you have come to the right people! We offer a professional Spring cleaning session executed by highly-skilled cleaning technicians who will sparkle your home in a matter of few hours!

Our spring service includes:

  • Cleaning team manager to supervise the cleaning session and ensure cleaners are paying attention to every detail within your home
  • A team of experienced cleaning operatives equipped with professional cleaning materials and sufficient knowledge of the cleaning session
  • A thorough cleaning session to sparkle every inch of your property

Typically, our top-to-bottom Spring cleaning includes the following areas:
Kitchen- cleaning of cupboards inside and out, deep oven cleaning, wiping of sockets and lightswitches, cleaning of all kitchen appliances, internal window cleaning, cleaning of all surfaces, cleaning of floor and skirting boards.
Bathroom- Descaling of shower, bath and tiles, polishing shower doors, mirrors and fixtures, cleaning of sink, disinfecting toilet, cleaning floor.
Rest of the property- all areas of the house cleaned to perfection including lounge, hallways, stairs and bedrooms. Basic vacuum and mopping.

As extra cleaning services, you can benefit from:

  • Steam cleaning of all carpeting for maximum cleanliness and improved air quality.
  • Professional upholstery cleaning to refresh and revive your furniture as well as the room interior.
  • Internal and external window cleaning including glass, window sills and frames to sparkle the interior and exterior of your property.

*Please inform us prior to our arrival should you require any of these additional services so that we can bring our speciality equipment.

Our team of professional cleaners will arrive at your place with the best cleaning equipment and materials to perform a supreme cleaning session. No inch will be left uncleaned with our thorough Spring cleaning. We cover all of Chelsea and the surroundings!

Choose our professional Spring Cleaning to sparkle, refresh and deep clean your home for months to come!