For one of the most advanced Upholstery cleaning sessions within Chelsea, choose our professional cleaning operators and their state of the art cleaning equipment. They will revive and refresh the appearance of your upholstered furniture whilst improving the air quality in the room.

With time and usage, upholsteries tend to collect excessive amounts of dust, dirt, debris and various stains which affect their overall appearance and the interior of the house. What is more, maintained upholstered furniture tends to accumulate bacteria and dust mites which prove to be harmful to asthma and allergy sufferers. So if you consider it is vital to live in a healthy and well-sanitized home environment, our best advise to you is to benefit from our professional Upholstery cleaning.

Upholstery Cleaning Hampstead

We have been secure and qualified Upholstery cleaning providers within SW3 for more than a decade. We offer a 4-step cleaning session for any upholstery fabric from leather to microfiber and many more. We are equipped and experienced to provide supreme cleaning and impeccable results to ultimately restore the look and hygiene of your upholstered furniture.

Here is what we do:

We thoroughly inspect the fabric of your upholstery and examine the highly soiled and stained areas. Inspection is performed so that we can most accurately pick the correct cleaning solutions that would suit the fabric of your upholstery and would not damage it. Our examination will let us know what level of cleanliness to expect. So you will have an estimated cleaning result prior to the start of the cleaning session.
We thoroughly vacuum your upholstery to remove any food particles, dust and grime.
The main washing process takes place. We spray high-pressure cleaning solution to your upholstery which dissolves the accumulated oils dirt and stains.
The final step is the extraction. Our powerful industrial hot-steam-operated machines suck the cleaning solution and dirt with the help of hot steamed water which cleans and simultaneously washes the upholstery. All the oils, dirt and stains would be permanently removed, and your furniture will have a refreshed and brightened exterior.

We take pride in providing reliable and local upholstery cleaning sessions performed by experienced cleaning operatives. They will pay attention to the smallest detail on your upholstery and make sure everything is cleaned to a supreme condition. Our teams of experienced professionals will use the latest equipment within the industry to ensure flawless upholstery cleaning and refreshed room interior.

Trust local professionalism and expertise today!